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The latest icf international coach pcc certification application process, this article has it all!

Although there is a lot of assistance available in our country for corporate trained coaches to apply for ICF International Coach PCC certification ICF certification after learning the relevant courses, there are still some professional coaches and partners who want to become a professional coach as a teacher and want to know what the specific process management in China will be like. We have done a very detailed introduction in the previous article research, but because the ICF has recently revamped the website system, the method of applying for certification and interface design has been effectively improved, we need to analyze the latest process issues here to show the specific process, please refer to the screenshot below (to be able to better show, we removed the names and fees).

The first step: to understand the enterprise application PCC certification work requires us to have the requirements: 1, ACTP training 125 hours, must be developed to provide such a more complete recognized coach to conduct training management program (ACTP) certificate of completion; 2, coach teaching practice activities experience, the applicant must study to prove that they have at least 500 hours of coaching practice life experience and at least 25 clients ICF needs to strictly review and approve the above 2 requirements before the CKA will be unlocked.

Step 2: Upload ACTP training certificate: Enter the training organization name, training program name, total training hours, program start date, attach ACTP completion certificate, and click “Save”. This requires a complete Accredited ACTP Certificate with a channel to check if it is an Accredited Training Provider.

Coach8 is identified by icf. You can fill out the “Coach Vocational Training 301″, 135 hours, and upload the actp certificate issued by the coach here

Step 3: Coach Practice Experience. Applicants for the ICF Professional Certified Coach Certificate need to have at least 500 hours of practical experience as a coach and at least 25 clients. Of the 500 hours required, at least 450 hours must be with paid clients and at least 50 hours must have occurred within 18 months of submitting the application. Applicants may choose to have their coaching experience evaluated on an hourly basis. If the information provided in the application for ICF certification is inaccurate or fraudulent, the ICF certificate will be denied or revoked and re-application will be prohibited for 5 years.

Step 4: Submit a corporate application to ICF, the terms and conditions we need to pay attention to are “ICF certificate and validity period is 3 years”.

Step 5: Pay ICF $300 application fee

Note: ICF official website is the only channel for ICF international trainers to apply for all levels of certification. All coaches who have received a certificate of completion from an ICF accredited training institute need to complete the application for certification on the ICF official website.

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