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Monthly archive for ‘ November, 2015 ’

saw on the two or three followingdays

25th November 2015 | Closed

Marianne assented most feelingly to the remark; and her mother was ledby it to an enumeration of Colonel Brandon’s injuries and merits, warmas friendship and design could unitedly dictate. Her daughter did notlook, however, as if much of it were heard by her. Elinor, according to her expectation,  that Marianne did not continue to gain [...]

As their ship began to sink beneath the swells

13th November 2015 | Closed

One day in 1819, 3,000 miles off the coast of Chile, in one of the most remote regions of the Pacific Ocean, 20 American sailors watched their ship flood with seawater. They’d been struck by a sperm whale, which had ripped a catastrophic hole in the ship’s hull, the men huddled together in three small [...]